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Not So Far Away

A positive new review over at the Toronto Review of Books blog by Shannan Minifie about last year's, David Foster Wallace: The Last Interview and Other Conversations.

There's a lot going for this short little collection, and Minifie thinks so too:


In his interview with his alma mater (Amherst Magazine) he elaborates on his revision practices, lamenting the comparatively “terribly first-draftish” nature of interviews, in which “no truly interesting question can be satisfactorily answered.”

This is interesting since the collection manages to reveal more about the writer than he perhaps imagined. And this is where the book’s major appeal lies: in the way it answers the question of why his readers continue to hanker after All Things Wallace. The collection doesn’t offer new material or exclusive access to Wallace ephemera, but TLI&OC conveys to new Wallace readers his profound interest in the “magic” of fiction. The interviews collected here introduce a common and persistent thread in Wallace’s lifelong contemplation of, and commentary on, his art: his belief that “good” literary art enables the imaginative identification inherent in “real” human connection.


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