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DFW 1962-2008

David Foster Wallace died at the age of 46. 
Below is my first real post after I found out, and a collection of early
reports, obituaries and remembrances from around the internet.

Dead at 46.
To say that David Foster Wallace has had a profound influence on
my life, the way I think, and the way in which I perceive the world,
is an understatement. 
I never made an effort to contact him, in fact, I actively avoided it.
This seemed to be the right thing to do in the light of all I knew
about David Foster Wallace. I don't know where I am going with this. 
Condolences to his family and friends.

Reports, obituaries and remembrances from around the internet:
(New additions at the bottom of the list - the first few links were as I
found out. Mostly repetition. I'm trying to choose a bit more wisely
now - if you find a good link let me know.
Links marked * are particularly worthy of your time. I stopped using
the *, it became too hard.)
(For the blogosphere response check out technorati)
New York Times - Timothy Williams *
From the NYT article above:
Michael Pietsch, who edited “Infinite Jest,” said Saturday night that the literary world had lost one of its great talents.
“He had a mind that was constantly working on more cylinders than most people, but he was amazingly gentle and kind,” Mr. Pietsch said. “He was a writer who other writers looked to with awe.”


Chicago Tribune - Mark Caro*
Washington City Paper - Jason Cherkis *
Silicon Alley Insider - Peter Kafka -  Devin Feraci *
The Huffington Post - John Seery *
SansPoint - Richard J. Anderson *
Shane Richmond
Omnivoracious - Tom *
Pop Matters - Craig Fehrman * (Interesting screencap)
Buzzfeed - Links
15/9/2008 (Australian time) - Laura Miller
NPR - All things considered
The Huffington Post - Greg Boose
The Guardian - Michael Carlson
Uncomplicatedly - Great post, IJ spoiler warning.
ABC News - In memoriam video
Time - Entertainment - Journalism of DFW
Time - Entertainment - Appreciation
LA Times Idealistis Skeptic
LA Times - Oblivion
LA Times - Infinite Jest
LA Times - Consider the Lobster
LA Times - Life and Works
AP - Authors grieve - Book Blog
New York Times - Books - Breuce Weber (Italian newspaper)
Last Exit Magazine
Ross and Roll

German Media obituaries, I will clean the links up after work (thanks, Ulrich);art138,2614453,1518,578151,00.html
Globe and Mail - The web remembers
Globe and Mail - The Shadow of Depression
Globe and Mail - Letters
NPR - Newer Piece
Beliefnet - Idol Chatter
The Independent - Dark Side of David Foster Wallace
New York Times - Opinion
Stephen Schenkenberg - How Wallace made me smile - A great piece.
John Ziegler - The guy DFW wrote HOST about. No comment.
Some audio appreciation from the GLT newsroom - Charlie Schlenker and Charlie Harris 
17/9 Part 2
Pomona College In memoriam  - Note, Public memorial details at this site soon.
Amherst College - In memorian
Amherst College - Notes and Remembrances (Amherst members only)
n+1 DFW 1962 - 2008
XFANZ Adult Entertainment - Some ad-links and images NSFW!
Acephalous - How to be an Asshole. A reponse to this
KCRW - Michael Silverblatt - Remembering David Foster Wallace (and
old radio interviews).
I listened to this while cycling home from work today
- many wonderful moments.
National Post - Canadian writers react
New York Observer - Did he leave some 'larger thing'?
I too was wondering this after the recent publications.
SLOG - Why you should care about DFW
SLOG - I was never a fan of DFW
Daniel Scott Tysdal - Poem in memory of DFW
Cronopios - For our readers fluent in Portuguese.
Times Literary Supplement review reprints:
Design Observer - DFW, Branding Theorist 
Playboy - Alice K. Turner tribute (NSFW only due to link text)
Playboy - 'Late Night' eventually appeared as 'My Appearance' in GWCH (NSFW only due to link text)
18/9 Part 2
The Onion - NASCAR Cancels Remainder Of Season Following David Foster Wallace's Death
Pop Matters - Remembering DFW
Slate - Editors and writers remember DFW *
The New Yorker (with right sidebar links to Good People, Asset, An Interval and, Several Birds)
Joy of Sox  - A great read
The man who couldn't blog - Another reponse to this
SF Gate - Jon Carroll
The Independent - Week in books
MVN -  Tennis Diary
LA Times - Blogs
Popwatch - Reflecting on the late author - Endpaper - Fiction
Wall Street Journal - Wallace's Too-Bright Fire
LA Times - Straight Talk Expressed
New York Observer - Leyner Remembers
New York Observer - Gerry Howard on DFW - Reprint
a la sophia - DFW's literary interpretation class syllabus - DFW on the meaning of life 
New York Times - The best mind of his generation
Free Library Blog - DFW podcast from a reading in June 2004. I don't recall listening to this one. DFW reads a bit from The Soul is Not a Smithy and Incarnations of Burned Children.
Link updates back to 22/9 (after the fantods had a meltdown from too many hits)
The Amherst Student - In memoriam
New York Observer - IJ editor on DFW
Washington Post - Poet's Choice
Guardian - Thw world according to wallace
Blogcritics - The new canon
Blogcritics - Sussman
New York Mag Books - Infinite Loss
New York Mag - Intelligencer
The New Republic - DFW Revisited(and a good list of online publications)
Publishers Weekly - Postmodern but Classic
NME - Cold War Kids pay tribute
Radar Online - Paige Ferrari
City Pages - The Blotter
ABC Radio National Australia - The Book Show (audio)
Globe and Mail - A DFW moment
Gawker - 23/9
New York Mag Entertainment - DFW as a teacher
Prospect Magazine - Opinions
Willamette Week Online - McCain's Promise
The Daily Toreador - Educated should focus on life before death - The last days of David Foster Wallace (as posted a few dyas ago)
Sign and Sight - about the IJ German translation
Times Online - David Baddiel on DFW
Gawker - Life is pain
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Saturday Essay
Uncertain Principles - On Elegant Complexity - Who is the real John McCain?
Intellectual Conservative - Thoughts on suicide - Infinite Jest Memorial tour
LA Weekly - Infinite Loss
Ready, Steady, Book - On Suicide
German Links:
Big thanks to IJ's German translator Ulrich Blumenbach who posted an
extensive list of German links to wallace-l, I have reproduced it below.

Andreas Borcholte wrote "David Foster Wallace tot aufgefunden" (David Foster
Wallace found dead) in "Der Spiegel" (14/09/08):,1518,578151,00.html

Wieland Freund wrote "Tod eines depressiven Genies" (Death of a depressive
genius) in "Berliner Morgenpost" (15/09/08):

Guido Graf wrote "Manischer Zweifler" (Manic sceptic) in "Frankfurter
Rundschau" (15/09/08):

Gerrit Bartels wrote "In Zukunft ohne mich" (Henceforth without me) in
"Tagesspiegel" (15/09/08):;art138,2614453

Thomas Leuchtenmüller wrote "Am Ende der grossen Freiheit" (At the end of
the great freedom) in "Neue Zuercher Zeitung" (15/09/08):

Willi Winkler wrote "Die unentrinnbare Unterhaltung" (The inescapable
Entertainment) in "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" (15/09/08).

Richard Kämmerlings wrote "Die Sucht ist das Wesen des Systems" (Addiction
is the essence of the system) in "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"

Harald Jaehner wrote "Schrecklich amuesant - aber in Zukunft ohne mich"
(German title of "A supposedly fun thing" but literally "Terribly funny -
but henceforth without me") in "Berliner Zeitung" (15/09/08):

Tobias Rapp wrote "Suizid als Zeichen" (suicide as sign) in "taz":

Frank Schaefer wrote "Mit vielen Stimmen" (With many voices) in "junge Welt"

Eberhard Falcke wrote "In Zukunft ohne mich" (Henceforth without me) in "Die

Michael Braun wrote "Unendliche Spaesse" (Infinite Jests) in "Freitag"

Harald Staun wrote "Die Machtlosigkeit der Woerter und die Unendlichkeit des
Wahnsinns (The helplessness / powerlessness of words and the infinity of
madness) in "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" (21/09/08).
Italian Links:
Big thanks to Roberto Natalini who posted the
extensive list of Italian links below to wallace-l:
The last Italian publisher of DFW, Einaudi, opened a web page devoted to him
There is a a story by Antonio Monda in Repubblica  (he was actually
the organizer of "Le conversazioni" event in 2006):
and another one by the writer Tommaso Pincio (sic! it's his nom de
plume, but Pincio is also a popular park in Rome):
A comments page is here

The other Italian publisher was Minimum Fax, and they opened the last
issue of their newsletter with some translations from the McSweneey's
and put on the bottom of the page a short text by Martina Testa, one
of the main DFW's translators in Italy (the translator of IJ is
Edoardo Nesi)
About the recent Pomona College Memorial Service:
LA Times The David Foster Wallace Memorial
Universtiy Diaries A single cellist played...
More tributes/memorials/articles:
Salon article with mention of DFW
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Writers & Suicide
CNN Link between creativit, mood disorders
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