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Audio of 2003 Wallace Interview Surfaces

Caleb Crain has released the complete audio from his 2003 Boston Globe interview with David Foster Wallace, Approaching Infinity, (a version of the interview was also collected in Conversations with David Foster Wallace).

Some amazing stuff here. The preamble to the interview is a fantastic insight into how Wallace dealt with interviews in general.

Caleb Crain writes:

On 17 October 2003, I interviewed David Foster Wallace at New York’s Park South Hotel about his book Everything and More: A Compact History of ∞, which was then just being published. A week later, a condensed and edited version of the interview was published in the Boston Globe, a version that has since been reprinted in Stephen J. Burn’s Conversations with David Foster Wallace.

After Wallace died in September 2008, I went back to my transcript of the original interview and posted on this blog a few passages that I hadn’t been able to shoehorn in to the published version, including some to-and-fro about God and infinity that verged on the mystical. I intended even then to make audio files of the interview available some day, but at the time, I was a bit shy about the fact that during the interview, Wallace briefly turned the tables and spent a few minutes interviewing me (fortunately, he let me turn the tape recorder off for most of those minutes). Also, it turned out to be trickier than I expected to connect an old-fashioned cassette player to a newfangled laptop. In fact I didn’t figure out the proper Radio Shack doohickey until a few days ago.

Continue reading and grab the audio here.

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#1 B_Montgomery 2013-07-29 20:51
The article in the believer that DFW talks about at the beginning seems to be this one:
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