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Remembering David Foster Wallace 2011

Updated Links (13/9/11) at the end of this post:
This time last year I wrote this. In 2009, this.
This year... I know I'm going to think about David Foster Wallace and his family. I'll read some of his work, and some of the things written about him.
I encourage you to as well.
It's been a big year for Wallace enthusiasts (and for this site... for a while there I thought it was all gone), The Pale King arrived and along with it hundreds of articles and reviews. The great majority mentioned that it contained some of Wallace's best writing to date (I agree completely), but also lamented as to what it might have been. But it wasn't sad, it was uplifting and rewarding and not at all simply about boredom.
A couple of David Foster Wallace interviews surfaced - one old, and one new (but not previously available in English):
Both caused me to whip the Interviews and Audio page back into shape.
My friend Matt wrote an article (which I love) for this site about being introduced to the writing of DFW, and The Fantods got a write-up in the local paper (cheers, Duncan).
But most of all - thank you David Foster Wallace, because (cliché of DFW clichés) you changed the way I see and think about my world.

Thoughts Elsewhere:
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