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The End of the Tour Sundance Screening

Regardless if you're excited or distraught about the film adaptation of David Lipsky's road trip with David Foster Wallace, James Ponsoldt's, The End of the Tour screens this weekend at Sundance.

Over at the Standard Examiner Nancy Van Valkenburg reports some thoughts from James Ponsoldt in, 'The End of the Tour' tells uneasy tale:

One of Ponsoldt’s professors was intrigued by the book Lipsky ultimate published.

“Donald Margulies, my professor in college, wrote a stunning screenplay. It moved me deeply,” the director said. “I already admired David Lipsky’s book, but I was in awe of how Donald turned it into a subtle, riveting script.

“I’ve also been a massive David Foster Wallace fan for my entire adult life. His writing has meant so much to me over the years. I couldn’t stop thinking about making this film, which is always a good sign. Lipsky and Wallace’s conversations about their hopes and struggles were incredibly relatable, personal, and very moving to me.”

Ponsoldt hopes the men’s story intrigues audiences as much as it does him.

“I hope that people are still thinking about the film after it’s over,” the director said. “And if it emotionally affects them, well, that’s fantastic. I’m especially looking forward for audiences to see these wonderful performances — Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg were both incredible. I was blown away. They both give intense, emotional, nuanced performances.

Continue reading here.

Anyone going to see it? Hit up the comments below with thoughts or reviews.

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