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The David Foster Wallace Audio Project

I've just been contacted by Ryan Walsh about his excellent David Foster Wallace Audio Project. The project is a comprehensive collection of DFW audio readings, interviews etc. and is a wonderful resource. Ryan notes on the front page that he is still documenting the source for all of the audio, so if you have any information contact him.
I've already let him know that the Brief Interviews Readings were first released online here at the fantods and were put together by the amazing George Carr.
Forgot to mention that the site looks great, thumbs up to Jordyn for the design.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 April 2009 08:57  


#1 reens 2009-04-25 06:38
the audio project is indeed a great resource, but there are some major audio blips on the recordings, which I imagine are done direct from the audio streams. Like the crashing intrusions of other software alerts... bit disturbing.
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