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PT Anderson on Maron's WTF Podcast

Marc Maron (@marcmaron)

I love it when things come together in serendipitous ways...

One of my favourite directors, Paul Thomas Anderson, talks about being taught by David Foster Wallace on a podcast I listen to regularly while cycling to work, Mark Maron's WTF (I don't listen to every ep. I pick and choose based on the guests).

If you just want to hear the Wallace bit skip to around the 37th minute. has a summary, When a 21-Year-Old Paul Thomas Anderson Discussed Don DeLillo With David Foster Wallace, but it's worth listening to the section of the interview!


The Paris Review's take, When David Foster Wallace Taught Paul Thomas Anderson,  considers D.T. Max's biography, Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story, re: Wallace's time at Emerson.


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