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Infinite Jest on May First Tuesday Book Club

Update: That was the kind of discussion I'd hoped for. Plenty of enthusiasm from the cast to make viewers want to read it, and nothing to really spoil its treasures. Good luck to anyone who watched the show tonight in Australia trying to walk into a bookshop to buy it tomorrow. I hardly see it on shelves here in Australia these days (Amazon for the book or the Kindle version is your best bet). You should be able to download the May 7th episode here in the next day or so (and watch The Book Club on ABC iview as soon as they add the latest ep).

Australian Wallace fans don't forget to watch ABC1 from 10pm on Tuesday 7th May!

Australian readers will be familiar with ABC television's The Book Club which screens on the first Tuesday of every month. In May the featured book is Infinite Jest - this will be one of the highest profiles given to the book here in Australia (in recent memory anyway) - you can catch the announcement at the end of last night's episode of The Book Club on ABC iview (international users, try, VPN gate for access). Jennifer Byrne also mentions that she's reading IJ over at her blog for this month.

If you're an Aussie and this is your excuse to read Infinite Jest good luck finding many copies in stores here (I'm serious, it's often sold out or on back order and second hand copies are near impossible to find). Hit up Amazon for either the book or the Kindle version and get reading!

You can also follow The Book Club on twitter @thebookclubabc


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#1 Shmuli Cohen 2013-05-17 20:14
I watched the book review. It started with a 3 minute story-board drama type introduction and then a panel of 4 took turns discussing the book. It was not a deep analysis and focused on the most formidable aspects of the book - like entertainment, the plot (or lack of), books length, its genre and language.

It was only 10 minutes long and really did not do justice to the book or DFW life. Maybe im just biased but an analysis of IJ does require more than 7 minutes from better journo's than were on tv
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