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9 Hours Left

Update: It didn't make the target. Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign.

9 hours left to make the Kickstarter drive for the film of David Foster Wallace's OBLIVION by Francesco Marchione reality.

I'm a backer.

If every daily visitor to The Howling Fantods contributed $50 this project would make its goal easily.

Francesco Marchione has the rights, and is ready to go on what looks to be a great production.

Contribute here.


Last Updated on Monday, 29 July 2013 00:47  


#1 Cynthia McGarvie 2013-08-13 12:31
I hope they look into using Indiegogo in the near future. That crowdfunding site allows for Flexible Funding in case you don't meet your goal. That way, at least they can get some seed money.
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