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DFW Commemorative Poem

Iannis Goerlandt got in touch to let me know about Flemish poet Geert Buelens' poem in commemoration of David Foster Wallace. He introduces it much better than I do:
In December 2008, the Flemish literary journal "yang" (now "nY") published a substantial David Foster Wallace tribute. It consisted of a long introductory Wallace "lexicon" (Daniël Rovers/Iannis Goerlandt), a Dutch translation of the Federer essay (Goerlandt) and a commemorative poem by the Flemish poet Geert Buelens.

For "nY", translators Piet Joostens and Iannis Goerlandt translated Geert Buelens’ poem “(i.m. dfw)” into English. You can find the poem “(in memoriam dfw)” and more on Buelens here:
Thanks, Iannis.

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