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Taking DFW's English 170R

D.H. Sayer is going to 'take' David Foster Wallace's English 170R, Taking David Foster Wallace's English 170R: Introduction:

Last week, the David Foster Wallace Reader was published. Itís a selection of his work from the very beginning (thereís a story he wrote for the Amherst Review when he was a student there) to the posthumous Pale King. One of the never-before-seen additions to the book is a collection of his teaching materials. Wallace taught college courses fairly regularly throughout his adult life, starting pretty much right after graduation. He settled at Pomona College for the last years of his life, no doubt inspiring a few students to matriculate there for the express purpose of taking his class. I know that, were he still alive, I wouldíve seriously considered it at some point.


There is no doubt that taking his class would be one of the most memorable experiences of oneís life.

Well, since that is no longer an option for me, Iíve decided (with at least one other person) to do the next best thing: Iím ďtakingĒ one of his classes. Specifically English 170R, which I believe is one of the first classes he taught at Pomona. It concentrates on ďObscure/Eclectic Fiction.Ē Iím going to do all the required reading, complete all the assignments, and follow the schedule as best I can. (The syllabus can be found here. Iím moving the schedule back two months, so 1/22=11/22, etc.)

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