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SWF Post DFW Panel Meetup

Let's see how this goes...
The official bar of the SWF is  the Number One Wine Bar Goldfields House 1 Alfred Street Circular Quay. I'll be there around 9:15pm tonight, with a copy of Infinite Jest. If you know you are coming email me (I'll check my email after the session; alternatively say 'hi' after the panel). 
You can discover what I look like on the DFW panel info page.
Hope to catch some of you either at the panel at 6, or out later. Nick

Infinite Summer

I bought yet another copy of Infinite Jest yesterday. While browsing in the writers' fest bookshop I stumbled across the biggest pile of paperback copies of IJ that I have seen in Australia. Nice. 
I know someone who has read pretty much everything by DFW except IJ, and only for size / portabilty reasons. I said I'd buy a copy and cut it into three sections to allow for the endnotes to be attached (duct tape should do the trick) first to section 1, and then to section 2.
As for the timing of it all check this out. Infinite Summer: read Infinite Jest over the summer (or winter!) 09. I'm just finishing up a read currently. This could be dangerous.
Last Updated on Saturday, 23 May 2009 10:01

Arrive Early

I've just missed my first session... The vibe here at the SWF is amazing! I would advise if you are planning to come to the DFW panel tomorrow get here early. I know I was pushing it getting here 10mins before the start of the session I just missed... but I should have known. There are, I believe, 180 available seats in the theatre tomorrow. If you want to be inside, make sure you arrive with plenty of time to line up before hand.
And now for a photo. This is the view just 5 metres from the entrance to the theatre where I'll be speaking tomorrow.
Last Updated on Friday, 22 May 2009 13:59

I'm on my way to the SWF

I'm sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight to Sydney. I've got access to wireless broadband over the weekend so expect regular updates.
Looks like we're all systems go for a meetup after the Remembering DFW Panel on saturday night. At this point in time it looks like we'll be meeting around 9pm somewhere near Circular Quay. More details tomorrow.

Liverpool DFW Conference: Last Call for Papers

David Hering has asked me to remind readers about the University of Liverpool DFW conference in July, and that the call for papers ends this weekend. Check the fine print if you had something planned but are running late.

Consider David Foster Wallace: A Conference – University Of Liverpool
29/30th July 2009

The passing of the writer David Foster Wallace in September 2008
presents not only a tragic and significant loss to the literary world,
but also an important opportunity to consider the impact and magnitude
of the remarkable body of work he leaves us. From the irreverency and
piercing social commentary of his journalism in A Supposedly Fun Thing
I'll Never Do Again and Consider The Lobster to the monumental,
sprawling majesty of his gargantuan novel Infinite Jest, Wallace's
writing is increasingly considered to be one of the most significant
literary canons of the second half of the twentieth century.

On 29-30th July, The University Of Liverpool is hosting an
international conference devoted to discussion and scholarly appraisal
of Wallace's work. Papers of 20 minutes duration are welcome on any
aspect of Wallace's fiction or non-fiction. Depending on response,
there may also be places available for non-scholars who wish to attend
the conference (although it is likely at this stage that only scholars
will be permitted to give papers).

Confirmed Keynote Speaker:

Greg Carlisle (Morehead State University, Kentucky) – Greg Carlisle is
the author of Elegant Complexity, the most extensive and detailed
published study of Wallace's novel Infinite Jest available.

Abstracts of approx. 250 words and any enquiries about the conference
should be sent to David Hering at the University of Liverpool at the
following email address: D.Hering at (replace the at with @ - Nick)
by Friday 22nd May 2009. If you feel you cannot make the abstract deadline but
are interested in attending, or if you are a non-scholar, then you should also
contact me ASAP with any enquiries.

Sonora Review Copies Arriving

I've had numerous emails from readers (thanks everyone) that their copies of the Sonora Review double issue are finally appearing in the mail. It includes a previously uncollected DFW short, Solomon Silverfish, and a special DFW tribute section.
I can't wait until my copy arrives, but as always, international post is a little slower.
Crude Futures posted some info recently as well.

Brief Interview with a Five Draft Man

Fantods reader Anthony alerted me to this 1999 Amherst Magazine interview with DFW I don't think I have seen on the web before: Brief Interview with a Five Draft Man.
It's a good one too, candid, and I'm sure the 'by mail' format helped. Interesting to read about Mark Costello (of Signifying Rappers I presume) doing the 'two thesis' thing the year before DFW at Amherst. Does anyone out there recall reading about DFW's injury in '81? (I can't help but think of Hal's ankle in IJ)
(Thanks, Anthony!)
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