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BIWHM Movie Poster and Trailer

Opening on Sep 25, The Brief Interviews with Hideous Men movie poster premiered at the NYMag Vulture site last week. It's far from original, but I'm kind of glad it sticks with the familiar book cover theme.
If you haven't seen the trailer yet you can watch it over at movie trailers.
Neil Miller over at Film School Rejects discusses the upcoming release and writes:
the source material — a favorite book of mine — is on par with Watchmen in its level of difficulty for adaptation.
Neil's review of the Sundance screening was one of the most positive in a field of very mixed reactions.
Last Updated on Monday, 07 September 2009 20:48

Recent Infinite Summer Guests

Maria Bustillos had a guest piece up at Infinite Summer last week, The Wonder of wallace-l , and it is a beauty. In addition, I must mention that her book, Dorkismo: the Macho of the Dork, is pure gold. Don't just grab it for the DFW chapter (good as it is) but for the celebration of everything that is dork.
(Hi Maria, sorry it has taken me so long to post a link to your great book!)
The other recent Infinite Summer guest was good 'ol me. In Search of Firm Ground, is a late night, planned but mostly re-worked/written at the last minute reflection on my experience of reading the final 200 pages of Infinite Jest. Big thanks to those with the kind words over there.

ZDF extended English footage

Sorry for the update downtime, a couple of these have been a long time coming...
Extended English video footage from the The German ZDF TV spot/interview that was kindly translated into English a few weeks back.
Long, bandwidth intensive, but totally worth it.
Edit: Before throwing too much credit my way, big thanks to Ulrich Blumenbach for making me aware of this in the first place, and to all the readers that also nudged me in its direction. 
Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 September 2009 21:34

To The Best Of Our Knowledge DFW Ep

Public Radio producer Veronica Rueckert got in touch today to let me know about a new episode of the radio programme To The Best Of Our Knowledge, dedicated to DFW. In Veronica's words, it "includes several interviews with the author himself,  his longtime editor and friend, Michael Pietsch, and sister, Amy Wallace-Havens (a beautiful, moving interview)."

Make sure you scroll all the way down the TTBOOK page linked above, there is an excellent collection of audio extras as well! I've just started downloading them. Looks like I have a long night ahead of me.

Thanks, Veronica.
Edit: Here's a little synopsis of the whole show.
Last Updated on Friday, 21 August 2009 15:18

Brief Interviews Movie On Demand

The Hatchette Book Group reports that the Brief Interviews with Hideous Men movie will have a simultaneous cinema and video on demand release next month on September 25th. Also looks like (unsurprisingly) the trade paperback will get a bit of a push too. 
Last Updated on Sunday, 16 August 2009 10:02

Westward Analysis Part 2

The second part of the excellent Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way article has been posted over at Conversational Reading.

Spiegel DFW Article

An extensive new German DFW article has been posted over at Spiegel Online. Any translators out there?
Last Updated on Sunday, 13 September 2009 21:03
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