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The Pale King Delayed?

I've heard on the grape vine that The Pale King may be delayed until Fall next year. If this is the case I don't see this as a bad thing. The last thing any of us want is a rushed edit of an unfinished novel. I'm sure Michael Pietsch is doing a wonderful job.

Greg Carlisle on Infinite Jest

A great piece by Greg Carlisle (author of Elegant Complexity ) about how Infinite Jest changed his life just got posted over at Infinite Summer. Read it. 

The Making of Brief Interviews

An interview with John Krasinski has been posted at the Hulu blog as well as an exclusive 'making of' Brief Interviews with Hideous Men . (US viewers only, I assume it has spoilers. Is it any good?)
There's also a positive review of the film over at Film Journal International.

Old DFW Interviews

A couple of old DFW interviews.
The first is with Lewis Frumkes from 1999. I think this is probably the most uncomfortable DFW interview I've listened to. DFW does a great job fielding a series of rambling and, dare I say, poorly researched questions. His little responses to a number of the questions, before he answers them, are hilarious. (Thanks, Naughty)
The second is from a website by Bryan Garner (of Garner's Modern American Usage which was the subject of DFW's Tense Present). I am informed there are a number of these in the series, anyone seen any of them? (Thanks, Kit) Update: Now also over at Youtube (Thanks, Lefteris)
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Web Memorials 14/9

Let me know if you've found, or would like me to link to, a DFW memorial.
The Joy of Sox - DFW and The Pale King
Suppertime Sonnets - In Memoriam
Pop Tart - DFW 1962-2008 - David Foster Wallace
The second Pass - Riotous Genius

Welcome ABC Fora Viewers

An edited version of my panel segment at the Sydney Writers' Festival was shown on ABC Fora  (digital TV channel ABC2 in Australia) earlier this evening. If you are new to DFW then this page is a great place to start.
It will be repeated next Thursday, September 17th, at 5:35pm. 
Last Updated on Sunday, 13 September 2009 21:10

Brief Krasinski Interview

You can read a short interview with John Krasinski about the upcoming Brief Interviews movie over at the Wall Street Journal.
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