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And So It Begins!

(Well... tomorrow US time)
Good luck to all the fantods readers joining the IJ mega-read, Infinite Summer. (Thanks for the links too!) I don't think there's much of an excuse to make for not reading it now... I'll be following along too, I think mostly to experience that first read through all the first time readers.
Some cool resources/links posted around the traps for the read:
The Infinite Zombies are going to blog the read (which fits in with my plan of reading about reading IJ)

Two DFW Biographies on the Horizon

Interesting article over at the New York Observer about two DFW biographies in the works, Dueling Foster Wallace: Two Bios Hit Market, One Sold. One from D. T. Max (The Unfinished) and the other by David Lipsky (The Lost Years & Last Days of David Foster Wallace ).
Interestingly, the D. T. Max one has been sold and the Lipsky one has not. Personally I'm in great anticipation of both of them, but I am surprised Lipsky's has not yet been sold. Particularly when considering the quality, depth, and empathy of his Rolling Stone piece linked above.
I hope they both get published, there's no doubt D. T. Max and Lipsky will present very different perspectives.
Last Updated on Sunday, 27 December 2009 09:31

Oregon Voice DFW Interview

The Oregon Voice 20th Anniversary Issue is now out and available as a pdf (17mb). It is an interview issue and includes a 1998 DFW interview on page 14.
The Mary Gaitskill thing... I'm pretty sure that is in reference to something I posted on the Fantods in the early days (it was about a forthcoming collection of writing I think).  This interview brings back the shame of writing first and checking facts later. The quote in this interview about the Gaitskill thing is also one of the reasons I never wrote to DFW. I still remember reading DFW's answer all those years ago and feeling the horror wash over me... sigh.
Last Updated on Sunday, 14 June 2009 00:18

Why Read Infinite Jest?

If you need any more convincing check out Matt Bucher's fantastic essay Why Read Infinite Jest? over at the Infinite Summer blog. (Hi, Matt. Great stuff!)

Sonora Review Delivered

My copy of the Sonora Review double issue 55/56 with the DFW tribute section arrived today (handed to me at my door on a Saturday morning, somewhat of a surprise!). So if there are any other Australians who ordered a copy... expect it soon.
It is a beautifully produced issue, and I've only just started to dig into the DFW section. The highlight so far is Greg Carlisle's (author of Elegant Complexity, and back in stock over at Amazon) essay Wallace's Infinite Fiction. A seriously amazing analysis of DFW's fiction with a focus on Infinite Jest 'as analogous to mathematical functions whose limits involve infinity.' Greg has done it again, this is yet another important contribution to the body of IJ criticism and is pivotal when considering the narrative structure of the novel. If you are at all interested in the complexities of IJ this is one not to miss.
I haven't even got to the uncollected DFW short Solomon Silverfish yet. I have not read it for a number of years, and I'm saving it for when I can read it in a sitting without disruption.
A big hello and thanks to Michael Sheehan for putting it all together and for the humbling shout out in his introduction.
Last Updated on Saturday, 13 June 2009 22:45

Passing Shots: Requiem for a Writer

Passing Shots blog has posted a great piece about DFW, Requiem for a Writer: Roger Rides Again in the Ultimate Federer Moment.
Federer's recent French Open success (finally!) has resulted in numerous mentions of DFW's wonderful Federer essay across the web in the past few days and the Passing Shots piece is the best of the bunch as it is more extensive, and more personal, than the rest.
Last Updated on Sunday, 13 September 2009 21:03

Turning to Page One Again

I was playing catch up the whole time during the latest wallace-l listserv Infinite Jest group read, IJIM (Infinite Jest In Memoriam), and finally finished it, again, last night.
This is getting ridiculous. I have now officially lost count of how many times I've read IJ in full. It has to be five or six times now (based on the dates on some of my bookmarks) I just can't be sure anymore. I was so alert and buzzing after the final, beautiful, sentence that I couldn't sleep, so I did what I always seem to do, turned to the beginning and started again. Is this maybe a cause for concern?
I found the final 100 or so pages the most compelling on this read (the first time, Hal, second, Marathe and Steeply, third time around, AA and Gately). It really felt like time slowed waaay down as I closed in on the end this read. I still find it surprising that there is still so much to marvel at after so many passes. Thanks to everyone over at wallace-l, the conversation for the closing pages has been fantastic. 
I posted about Infinite Summer  (winter in this hemisphere...) at the end of last month and I, like many DFW fans, am watching with anticipation to see how it all pans out. Looks like I might even read along. I think I am most keen to read the responses and reflections of first time readers.
Today's Infinite Summer blog entry by Mimi Smartypants, Why read Infinite Jest? is worth having a look at.
An Oblivion group read is slated to start later this month on wallace-l, I'm expecting it to be a good one. How am I going to juggle this with anotherrun through of IJ?

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