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Footnotes Conference Schedule

The Conference Schedule for the Footnotes: New Directions in David Foster Wallace Studies is up, and it looks amazing.
Last Updated on Saturday, 31 October 2009 11:46

NY DFW Conference Registration

The Footnotes: New Directions in David Foster Wallace Studies conference organisers have opened registrations for the conference on Nov 20th:
Although the conference is free and open to the public, space is limited, so we are asking that people planning to attend register ahead of time. To do so, please send an email with your name and institutional affiliation (if any) to: footnotesregister AT gmail DOT com , and you will be added to the list. Thank you.
Hope to see some of you there!

Upcoming Pale King Excerpt in The Lifted Brow

UPDATE: Thanks to the editors over at The Lifted Brow I can confirm that the excerpt is previously unpublished, about 2000 words, and currently untitled...
The Lifted Brow #6, an Australian publication (Yay!) will feature an excerpt from The Pale King. No idea if it is something we have already seen (Good People, The Compliance Branch, Wiggle Room, or Irrelevant Bob - pg 2), or something new, but I've asked them and hopefully we'll find out soon.  (Thanks for spotting this, Matt)
Also, I have word that the Fall 2010 release of The Pale King is not technically a delay seeing as we didn't have a firm release date prior to this. 
Last Updated on Monday, 12 October 2009 18:55

Brief Interviews Movie Reviews

Thanks for being patient everyone. Have any readers seen the Brief Interviews movie yet? Alas, I'm not sure it will ever show in Australia - I'll have to wait for DVD I expect. 
There is a big spread in the reviews, some DFW fans I've spoken to have said it was great. Maybe it helps to be familiar with the source material?
I've collected many reviews and interviews below if you're keen to read more about the film.
New York Magazine Movies - The Awful Truth
Interviews and Q&A
Cinematical(Audio) -Interview
Last Updated on Sunday, 04 October 2009 17:31

Stephen J. Burn Keynote at NY Conference

Stephen J. Burn (author of Infinite Jest: A Reader's Guide) will present the keynote at the Footnotes: New Directions in David Foster Wallace Studies conference on November 20 this year.

June Release for Lipsky's DFW Bio

I can't wait for David Lipsky's DFW Biography, Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A (Road) Trip into the Life, Work, and Mind of David Foster Wallace. It is due June next year and can be pre-ordered from Amazon now.
David Lipsky won a 2009 National Magazine Award for The Lost Years & Last Days of David Foster Wallace.

Krasinski Reading at Skylight Books

From all reports the Skylight Books Infinite Summer celebration was a success. Sideshow Media Group have page up with photos and an embedded youtube video of John Krasinski reading from BIWHM.

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