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Davip Lipsky on Iowa Public Radio

David Lipsky was interviewed on Iowa Public Radio last week. The interview begins around the 24 minute mark.
(Thanks, Matt)
Last Updated on Saturday, 01 May 2010 06:25

David Lipsky Appearances

Upcoming David Lipsky Appearances:
April 15 7pm Minneapolis Central Library. [Report and Video here]
April 17 4pm Free Library Festival, Free Library of Philadelphia.
April 26 7pm Des Moines Central Library More Info Des Moines Central Library, 1000 Grand Avenue.  
UPDATE May 5, Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures Pre-event book signing 12-1pm, event 7pm Tickets & Info.
Last Updated on Friday, 30 April 2010 14:37

Minneapolis Lipsky Reading

Tore Simonsen has posted a report and video of David Lipsky's appearance at the Minneapolis Central Library.
(Thanks, Matt.)

DFW Commemorative Poem

Iannis Goerlandt got in touch to let me know about Flemish poet Geert Buelens' poem in commemoration of David Foster Wallace. He introduces it much better than I do:
In December 2008, the Flemish literary journal "yang" (now "nY") published a substantial David Foster Wallace tribute. It consisted of a long introductory Wallace "lexicon" (Daniël Rovers/Iannis Goerlandt), a Dutch translation of the Federer essay (Goerlandt) and a commemorative poem by the Flemish poet Geert Buelens.

For "nY", translators Piet Joostens and Iannis Goerlandt translated Geert Buelens’ poem “(i.m. dfw)” into English. You can find the poem “(in memoriam dfw)” and more on Buelens here:
Thanks, Iannis.

Reading DFW in Qatar

Ibrahim N. Abusharif has a review of The Best American Essays 2007 (edited by DFW) over at The Millions, Reading Wallace in Qatar:
I’m a regular reader of the Best American series, but I generally skip reading the guest editors’ introductory essays, doing my best to avoid the word “Montaigne” and explanations of how the essay defies a crisp definition. But this time in Doha I went directly to Wallace’s introduction to see what I had missed, and there he mentioned Montaigne (Chesterton, too) and he remarked that “essay” is not his word of choice for what is really “literary non-fiction.” Still, Wallace’s piece turned out to be especially meaningful because he confronted some “bad news” about our times and supported it in his introduction with very clever meta-interpretation of the editor’s role, and he supported it more implicitly with his choice of essays.

Lispsky Book Link Update

Stephen Walters' review.
Time Magazine's Q&A with David Lipsky by Charlie Duerr.

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 April 2010 19:47

Statesman Lipsky Review

Joe Gross' review, Portrait of the artist as a guy in a car, of David Lipsky's book has been posted over at
What Lipsky notices for us, and then what is impossible to ignore afterward, is that Wallace is very interested in solitude and what that meant to him and his relationships with other people. ("`Alone' is a word that meant a great, complicated amount to him," Lipsky writes.) He saw books and writing as a bulwark against loneliness, but his devotion to being alone caused his romantic and personal relationships to suffer; he cannot quite find the right balance between the advantages and disadvantages of spending so much time by himself.

The Howling Fantods