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David Lipsky's DFW Bio

I've been lucky enough to receive a galley of David Lipsky's Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace - I am stunned at the content. 300 pages of transcripts from 5 days of recorded conversations spent on the road with DFW on the last leg of his IJ tour. David lipsky inserts asides, thoughts, responses, and questions in a way that would not have been possible in the original piece for which this all took place.

I can't wait to get home and keep reading. It is personal, and real, and moving - and best of all - it is David Foster Wallace speaking about David Foster Wallace.

I am so sad he is gone.

(Pre-order from Amazon)

Responding to redsock's comment below: It isn't simply a straight transcription of the tapes - it's better than that. There's a neat introductory piece, and David Lipsky's thoughts and observations appear throughout the text without disrupting the conversations.

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Consider David Foster Wallace in Production

Edited by David Hering, Sideshow Media Group's Consider David Foster Wallace is in production and will be ready for pre-order soon.
I'm really looking forward to this collection of papers stemming from the Liverpool DFW conference last year.
Edit: Tentative table of contents (thanks, Matt)
Last Updated on Friday, 05 February 2010 15:21

Brief Interviews Movie DVD and Blu-ray Release

IGN has posted details about the March 16th release of the Brief Interviews with Hideous Men movie. You can pre-order over at Amazon on DVD and Blu-ray.

A Failed Entertainment - IJ Art Show Review

Flavorwire has posted an extensive look/review of the Infinite Jest inspired art exhibition: A Failed Entertainment (previously).
Organiser Sam Ekwurtzel speaks about some of the multimedia aspects of the show:
So all of the films in the show are for the most part short loops, maybe five to ten minute films. All of the films are played from a column of twenty-three VCRs sending out twenty-three video signals that go into a switcher and output into a large monitor and projector. So the audience is able to change what they’re seeing by turning it up. It’s sort of like an old analog television. You know how there’s that knob, you change the channel, you can still turn it infinitely so it loops on itself.
It sounds super interesting. If the fantods readers that said they were attending would like to put together some thoughts on the exhibition I'll post them here.

DFW and Nietzsche's Concept of Oblivion

Joshua Roiland of St. Louis University had his excellent article, Getting Away From It All: The Literary Journalism of David Foster Wallace and Nietzsche's Concept of Oblivion (.pdf), published in LITERARY JOURNALISM STUDIES, vol.1, no.2, Fall 2009.
The article argues that the best way to understand DFW's work is through Nietzsche's concept of oblivion, which is our consciousness's screening device. Joshua uses this concept to account for the sadness in DFW's literary journalism, which makes for a particularly interesting article due to the more common focus on the humour in his non-fiction. Well worth your time.

ZDF Extended Interview on YouTube

Howling Fantods reader, Lefteris, just made me aware that the 84 minute ZDF David Foster Wallace extended interview (previously) is now hosted on YouTube in 10 parts. This makes it so much easier to digest as the zdf site only allowed viewing of the whole interview in one go.
Thanks heaps, Lefteris.
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The Great Australian Internet Blackout

Dear readers,
Just in case you were wondering why I am participating in The Great Australian Internet Blackout, I'll just remind you all that I am (and always have been) an Australian resident and citizen. 
If all goes well you've already seen the 'blackout' version of The Howling Fantods. It is setup to display only once, although if you clear cookies fanatically - like I believe everyone should - then you might see it once a day until the end of the week. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
This protest is a small part of a bigger general initiative by Australians who are greatly concerned about the proposed Australian Internet Filter, this week's blackout is already gaining significant media attention.
More info:
NO CLEAN FEED - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia
Save The Net - GetUp!
Australian Resident? Please consider signing the Electronic Frontiers Australia Senate Internet Censorship Petition
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