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Quick Update

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, busy week (end of term and all).
Infinite Summer:
Infinite Summer is going strong and being mentioned all over the web. It's great to see such a great book recognised. The best bit is that I have lost track of the number of comments from first time readers along the lines of, "It's great", "Not too hard", "Challenging and rewarding", "Better than I expected"... etc etc. As I'd hoped, I'm reliving my first read through others.
I mentioned it last week, and the Infinite Zombies blog is living up to my expectations. Thanks to all over there!
Oblivion Group Read:
If you've just read IJ and keen for something else... Wallace-l  are one week into a group read of DFW's short story collection Oblivion (my fave of all the collections). It's been great so far.
David Lipsky's DFW Biography has been bought. It is titled “Although of Course You End up Becoming Yourself”:
Congratulations, David! I am so happy we'll be able to read it.
Federer on Wallace:
Q. There were times during your match today when I was reminded of an essay by the late American author, David Foster Wallace. It's called, Roger Federer as Religious Experience. I'm wondering if you have heard of this essay, read it, or what you think of it?
ROGER FEDERER: Sure, I remember his piece. I remember doing the interview here on the grounds up on the grass. I had a funny feeling walking out of the interview. I wasn't sure what was going to come out of it, because I didn't know exactly what direction he was going to go.
The piece was obviously fantastic. You know, yeah, it's completely different to what I've read in the past about me anyway.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 July 2009 06:14