Hmmmm.... I'm not quite sure why, but it seems that the people at don't really like David Foster Wallace. Re: The misinterpretation of David Wiley's DFW interview and the essay in ASFT, "E Unibus Pluram".
It didn't stop there, the next step was knocking Pynchon's Mason & Dixon (which I am currently enjoying very much) and then tacking in a comment concerning DFW regarding ASFT, again.
And most recently, The Messy vs. Out of Touch chart...hmmm.
I'm not sure if they are just taking the piss out of DFW or what...
When taking a closer look I found that there are plenty of Suck articles that manage to slip in DFW sledges...

NEW: Check out The Fish letters on 12 Dec 97, maybe the suck people aren't all that bad...
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