The Howling Fantods

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In His Own Words - Track List

8 discs! Track list update via Megan Fitzpatrick [@mitzpa]

The discs with Wallace's handwriting in background (below):

In His Own Words - Selected Pieces - (Pre-order via Amazon) Audio CD - Read by the Author. Includes live and studio recordings. Introduction written and read by John Jeremiah Sullivan of Pulphead: Essays (and his review of The Pale King, Too Much Information). Hachette Book Group page.

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#1 Dann Scratch 2014-04-16 08:39
Disks 5,6, &7 are already available as the Consider The Lobster audio book. Leaving out the Bookworm interviews is kind of sad. They are free at the Bookworm website though.
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The Howling Fantods