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TPK - Article Updates

TPK links from around the web: - David Foster Wallace's Final, Unfinished Novel (D. T. Max speaks with npr, audio link included).
Secrets of the City - David Foster Wallace's Last Novel.
Harper's Magazine - The Voice of Days of Old and Days to Be.
LA Times Books - For David Foster Wallace's Survivors, a Paper Puzzle.
biblioklept - A Few Thoughts On DFW’s “Wiggle Room” (A well written analysis of Wiggle Room).
New York Magazine Culture Blog - Anderson: Wrestling With the Mini-Biography of David Foster Wallace.
cjmewett - D. F. Wallace’s unfinished novel, from The New Yorker.
Claremont Insider - Emotional Truth.
And for a change of pace, extensive thoughts from someone who doesn't appreciate DFW's writing (it's true, he's not everyone's cup of tea). Michael admits in the article that he's not read DFW to any great breadth or depth... to me that helps explain his take:
2blowhards -  The DFW story.

Dear Howling Fantods members, 
Many of you have asked about forums. I've been nervous about them ever since we lost the free hosted forums in the ezboard hack many years ago. I had no control over the backup of the forums and we lost many great threads, as did many other forums that were running on ezboard.
Anyway, I've been playing around with a couple of forum setups hosted here at the fantods and I think we're almost ready to enter testing. Which means I'll soon need some volunteers to help test and setup the forums. Let me know if you're interested.
Last Updated on Thursday, 05 March 2009 19:26  

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