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New Yorker's Deborah Treisman talks TPK with GQ

Cole emailed to let me know about an interesting interview with Deborah Treisman (head of the New Yorker fiction department) posted over at GQ's Verge - Yes, We Are Still Missing DFW: Part II.

Good People was published in 2007, but the new story and Wiggle Room were published posthumously. How did this change your approach?
Both pieces came to me in a rougher state than usual; by the time David sent manuscripts to me, he had generally gone through several rounds of polishing already. Knowing that the manuscripts would have been cleaner, had he been alive, I tried to fix the problems (repetitions, confusing syntax, red herrings that referred to other parts of the book, etc.) as I thought he would have fixed them—or, when it was impossible to guess, I just tried to make the sentences as clear as possible without detracting in any way from the voice or style of the story. Being familiar with the ways in which David had responded to my suggested edits in the past was very helpful. And Michael Pietsch and David's agent, Bonnie Nadell, both discussed the edits with me and approved what I did.

The Howling Fantods