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Riff Blog, Lost Finale and DFW

Lost is the only TV series I've become anywhere near as obsessive about since Twin Peaks first screened. I have to admit that I gave up watching Lost on TV here in Australia after the first episode of series 1 was running a couple of months behind the US; I resorted to other means. I've really enjoyed season 4 and the finale the other night was great fun.
I don't usually post about the myriad of random DFW mentions on the web, but this one (spoiler warning if you haven't yet seen the finale) over at the Riff blog caught my eye, particularly this:
"Of course, Jest's whole point was that neat wrapups don't exist, dude, but that didn't prevent me from throwing the book across the room as I came to the final sentence."
I wonder if he opened the book up and started again? It would be a shame if he didn't.
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#1 nathanmatthewmorse 2008-06-13 09:16
If you picked it up and started again, you gave in to the Entertainment.
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