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Three Fragments from a Longer Thing

Matt Hale (who maintains all the updates on the Uncollected DFW page) has transcribed (pdf) one of my favourite DFW reading appearances. Directly from the page:

"Three Fragments from a Longer Thing". Lannan Readings & Conversations; Dec. 6, 2000. [NOTES: In December of 2000, DFW read three pieces he referred to as 'fragments' and which he said were from a longer thing. Listen to the reading here or read it, lovingly transcribed by yours truly, here.]

What Matt may not know is that ever since he took over maintaining the Uncollected DFW page it has become the most commonly viewed page on the whole fantods site.

(Matt, thanks for keeping this important part of the site up to date.)



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#1 peternyc 2008-09-25 19:43
I've been following this site for awhile, ever since the early days of my DFW fan-dom.

The "Three Fragments" reading was one he gave at Kenyon college during my freshman year (2001) his first appearance at Kenyon and my first and only time I saw the man live. It was what began my ever-expanding adoration for the man and his writing, and this is the first time I've seen what he wrote in print.

Thank you for your transcription.
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