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ZDF German TV Interview

Fantods reader, Lefteris (thank you!), let me know about this DFW interview on German TV. It is mostly in German, with DFW's responses overdubbed, but thankfully you can hear the English in the backgroud if you listen carefully.
DFW's responses are fascinating. He comments on consumption, impulse, war, freedom, choice and American culture. 
If any German readers out there keen to do a translation contact me here. If you are also able to provide timings in minutes and seconds (just for each main block of text) I can whip up a subtitle file for it.


#1 AndButSo 2009-07-21 02:25
Hey, fantastic link. I haven't watched it all the way through yet, so I'm not sure if this holds for the entire clip, but I have gleefully found that if I mute the left speaker, shifting the balance entirely to the right speaker, only DFW's english plays and the german dubbing is muted.
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#2 dangulberry 2009-07-21 19:29
This was great - want more! @ AndButSo - thanks for the tip...makes it a lot easier to follow. BTW, I searched that streaming site for more DFW and came across this: I have no idea if it's worth translating! Seems to be about DFW and cruises...
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