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Feb 1996 DFW Radio Interview Uncovered

Wow. Listen to this ASAP. Wonderful.

David Foster Wallace on The Connection with Chris Lydon, February 1996. Kunal Jasty and Max Larkin found an old radio interview in the WBUR archives:

In February 1996, David Foster Wallace came to Boston. He was the not-quite recognized writer of the massive book, Infinite Jest, which was just beginning to capture the attention of reviewers, readers and a generation of writers. Chris interviewed David Foster Wallace on The Connection on WBUR in Boston, and told him he seemed to be living in between a moment of cultish obscurity and international artistic celebrity, perhaps even immortality.

We went to the WBUR archives yesterday to see if we could find the tape. We found it in the dusty basement, nestled between shows about the 1996 presidential primaries and escalating violence in the Middle East. The conversation is almost heartbreaking to hear now in light of Wallace’s suicide in 2008. Back then he was attempting to explain the sadness he saw among the twenty- and thirty-somethings around him; he admitted to feeling lost and lonely himself. But he also spoke of his hope to have children and the prospect of a long career.


Read about the interview and listen to it here.

Apparently there'll be more David Foster Wallace and Infinite Jest based content from Radio Open Source this week...

Read, listen and watch many more DFW interviews right here.
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#1 Tasha 2014-06-29 13:21
Thank you.
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#2 Valerio 2014-07-08 21:17
Hello everyone,
I'm from Italy and I would like to translate this amazing interview, so that the italian community may enjoy it. The only problem, and here's where I ask for your help, is that my English is not that good and I can't really get everything just listening. If some good hearted fellow wanted to transcribe it and send it to me one day, it would be very much appreciated, at any time in the future. My email is focosacro@gmail .com.
Thanks a bunch and keep on with these stunning updates!
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