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D. T. Max Reviews Quack This Way

There's a fine post by D. T. Max about/reviewing Quack This Way over at the New Yorker Page-Turner Blog, D.F.W.ís Favorite Grammarian:

For readers, I think itís almost entirely a good thing. Our worries are not D.F.W.ís. He was a brilliant conversationalist, whose best stuff often didnít make it to the pageóour Coleridge, if you like. Ask anyone who knew him, and what they remember is his glorious, discursive, impassioned talk.

And itís true that even in this new, slender volume, there is always something absorbing, something distinctive, some agitated motion of the inner being that is distinctly Wallace.

Read the rest of D.F.W.ís Favorite Grammarian, here.

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The Howling Fantods