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Creating the DFW Audio Project

Ryan Walsh writes for ArtsEmerson Blog about how he created his excellent resource, The David Foster Wallace Audio Project - Creating The David Foster Wallace Audio Project:

While the canonization of Wallace began days after his suicide I thought about, yet again, how I had always enjoyed his interviews as much as I did his proper work. I watched the Charlie Rose interview again and was able to smile despite the awful news. I did a quick check of my iTunes and saw that I had downloaded a substantial amount of interviews over the years.  Listening back to many of these proved to be, for me, a fitting celebration of the man’s work. Then it occurred to me that others might enjoy this as well.

Because many of the audio files’ original sources had vanished from the internet, were available for stream only, or originated from a video, I thought it might be helpful to collect all of these in one easy place for fans to find and download to a portable audio player. I asked around to see if anyone with web design experience would help me out with the endeavor and my friend Jordyn Bonds offered up her many talents. The site went live in 2009 and we felt terrific about our tribute to Wallace.

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Visit my collection of print, video, and audio interviews here at The Howling Fantods (it was Ryan's site which made me rework and update it over the last few years... thanks for the impetus, Ryan!)


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