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IJ Group Reads - GURGLL and Sacred Jest

I always like dipping into group reads of Infinite Jest as they occur. Two that are currently in progress are the GURGLL and Sacred Jest reads.

Glasgow University's Reading Group for Length Literature (GURGLL) is in its fifteenth week of reading Infinite Jest - the blog summarises their discussion, but I particularly love their word of the week from the section. This week it's whingeocide (p. 441). You can find them on Facebook too.

The other group read, Sacred Jest, has started only very recently and is reading Infinite Jest as though it were a sacred text. It's not a lens with which I'm particularly enamoured, but as with all group reads, there are numerous interesting observations that are more than enough to keep me checking in. Follow along on twitter @SacredJest too.


Massive thanks to the teams that run group reads of this magnitude!

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