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Infinite Jest 20th Anniversary Edition Out Today

It's the 23rd February here in Australia, which means the US and UK releases of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Infinite Jest (23rd Feb) are (almost) here!

Order the US Edition here.

Order the UK Edition here.

Tom Bissell's essay in the New York Times book review, Everything About Everything: David Foster Wallace's 'Infinite Jest' at 20 was adapted from his foreword to be included in the 20th Anniversary Edition of Infinite Jest.



Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 February 2016 14:40

DFW Inspired Tattoo Project

For some reason I'm suddenly interested in David Foster Wallace inspired tattoos...

More on that later.

I'm currently collecting images of DFW inspired tattoos AND explanations for why people got their tatts for a page on this website.
Got a tatt (or a pic)?
Contact me if you'd like your tattoo to be featured via:

Beyond Infinite Jest

New piece by D.T. Max over at the New Yorker, Beyond "Infinite Jest":

What if an author put forth goals for his fiction so intelligent yet modest, so comprehensive yet dignified, that the reader would not—could not—forget them? Something like this happened to David Foster Wallace when he sat for an interview with Larry McCaffery, for the summer 1993 issue of the Review of Contemporary Fiction. Wallace talked about rap and postmodernism, his idea of good fiction (William Vollmann) and bad (Mark Leyner), and the shape of the literary landscape. Most memorably, he explained why he was a writer.

Continue reading, Beyond "Infinite Jest"




The Great Concavity - DFW Podcast Eps 8 and 9

Episodes8 and 9 of the The Great Concavity are available if you haven't checked in for a while. (Follow the show on twitter @ConcavityShow and subscribe to the podcast here)

Matt and Dave are maintaining an astounding array of guests, DT Max in Ep 8 and Jenni B. Baker in Ep 9.

Both are fantastic eps. I've heard that there's an exciting guest next episode... ;)


The podcast is hosted by Dave Laird (@DaveLaird2) and Matt Bucher (@mattbucher,wallace-l,, Simple Ranger, Side Show Media Group) two Wallace enthusiasts with a wealth of Wallace knowledge to share.

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 May 2016 17:37

Infinite Winter - Keep Reading

Even though I'm mostly dipping in and out of Infinite Jest, I'm finding the blog posts and discussion all over the web surrounding Infinite Winter to be incredible. If you're not reading along go and check out the posts over there now.

Special mention goes to the upcoming interview with Michael Pietsch where readers can submit possible questions! (Due by Fri Feb 26th)


In the Frederick News-Post today, 'Infinite Jest’ at 20: Online Book Club Tackles Novel on Milestone Anniversary.

Here's the reading schedule. Don't have a copy? Pick one up here.



Twitter: #InfWin


Harry Ransom Center's IJ 20th Anniversary Series

Don't miss the Harry Ransom Center's series commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the publication of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.

Of particular note are the Fellows Find essays by researchers accessing the DFW Archive.

Start with David Hering's, Researcher traces the compositional structures of David Foster Wallace’s Fiction, it's wonderful.


Reading IJ After a Year on the Wagon

For Paste is Tyler R. Cane's, Reading Infinite Jest After a Year on the Wagon:

But that’s just Infinite Jest’s subject matter; it’s reading the physical book that mirrors abstaining from substances in the long-term. Though you can measure progress in page-sized increments, that act usually turns out to be fruitless. I’m not a fast reader, and more than once I approached a 30-page chapter—a night’s worth of reading—only to be intercepted by a six-page footnote on James O. Incandenza’s filmography, or an exhausting interview transcriptions between his son, all-star football player Orin Incandenza, and “soft-profile journalist” Helen Steeply. I probably cursed, flipped to the back of the book for the hundredth-or-so time, and then laughed my ass off when I was finally immersed in the text. I also would’ve lost my mind if I tried adjusting anything to a cut-and-dried schedule.

Continue Reading Infinite Jest After a Year on the Wagon


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