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sp-rockets 3rd Wallace Conference Wrap

There's wrap up about the 3rd Annual Wallace conference from Danielle S. Ely over at sp-rockets, 3rd Annual David Foster Wallace Conference: The Audiobook. Check it out.


DFW 2016 Begins Today!

The 3rd annual David Foster Wallace conference, DFW 2016, kicks off today!

Conference schedule.

Official tumblr.

Facebook community.

DFWConference on twitter here.

The twitter hashtag is #DFW16 (I'll be monitoring as much as I can when I'm not sleeping here in Aus).

I hope those of you attending have a great time. If you feel like sharing your thoughts or observations about one of the sessions you attend drop me a line via the form found here or DM me on twitter @nick_maniatis and I'll post them here on The Howling Fantods (with full credit) for all to read.


You can also pick up the selected works from last year's conference, Normal 2015.

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The Great Concavity - DFW Podcast Ep 16

Episode 16's guest on The Great Concavity is Edmund Waldstein and you can find his blog here - Sancrucensis.

(Follow the show on twitter @ConcavityShow and subscribe to the podcast here)


The podcast is hosted by Dave Laird (@DaveLaird2) and Matt Bucher (@mattbucher,wallace-l,, Simple RangerSide Show Media Group) two Wallace enthusiasts with a wealth of Wallace knowledge to share.


Consider the Lobster Spotted in Bojack Horseman

Look what I just spotted in the first episode of Bojack Horseman Season 3! (BTW one of my fave shows too.)

Yep, Consider the Lobster!

Here's the full frame for reference:

Click the images to zoom in.



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Brief Interviews and Rape Culture

Interview with Matthew Alexander over at READ, What Brief Interviews with Hideous Men can tell us about rape cultureabout his recent paper, Engaging with David Foster Wallace’s Hideous Men:


Is Wallace critical of rape culture? Or does he merely represent its existence?

The fact that rape and sexualised violence feature throughout Wallace’s works of fiction could suggest that he is merely noting its existence, but I think the level to which he makes these topics deeply uncomfortable for the reader suggests something more. What Wallace does different to many of his contemporaries is that he provides a widened sense of perspective, and does not just spout dominant rape culture rhetoric.


Continue reading, What Brief Interviews with Hideous Men can tell us about rape culture.


Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.


Infinite Jest and Binge Watching 'TV'

Links fixed.

Hmmm... how do I justify my viewing habits?

Have a read Mike Broida's piece over at The Millions, 'Infinite Jest' in the Age of Addiction:

What if — according to InterLace — what if a viewer could more or less 100% choose what’s on at any given time? Choose and rent, over PC and modem and fiber-optic line, from tens of thousands of second-run films, documentaries, the occasional sport, old beloved non-‘Happy Days’ programs, wholly new programs, cultural stuff, and c., all prepared by the time-tested, newly lean Big Four’s mammoth vaults and production facilities and packaged and disseminated by InterLace TelEnt.

If I call the six hours I spent watching the old seasons of Parks And Recreation “binge-watching,” then I am doubly insulated by, first, acknowledging upfront the gluttony of it, and, second, by the irony of calling it a binge in the first place. If I jokingly pretend I’m binging on television, then it’s ironic because watching television is better than knocking back a case of beer, right? Yet television, like narcotics, has a certain intentionality behind it, as Wallace lays bare in “E Unibus Pluram”: “Because of the economies of nationally broadcast, advertiser-subsidizer entertainment, television’s one goal — never denied by anybody in or around TV since RCA first authorized field test in 1936 — is to ensure as much watching as possible.” Wallace’s conclusion is as true as ever, but due to the allure of the Internet as the new “low” art, filled by Youtube, Reddit, viral videos, and vociferous memes dominating the sort of repetitive desire that an American Gladiators marathon used to hold, TV had to change its tactics. Ultimately, the new strategy for capturing their viewers, to convince them of their true desire to watch more and more, was a sea change towards quality entertainment, turning TVs strongest critics into its greatest allies. After all, it is hard to feel poorly about spending a Saturday watching an entire season of The Wire, when its creator, David Simon, won a McArthur “genius” Grant.

Keep reading, Infinite Jest' in the Age of Addiction.


[Thanks, Phillip, for reporting the broken links.]

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OzWallace 2017

It's official, OzWallace 2017, the Australian hosted David Foster Wallace conference is happening in Melbourne, September 1-3 2017! Save those dates!

This is going to be the best thing ever - seriously, there are some fantastic Wallace scholars here in Aus.

Follow Dr. of Creative Writing, and conference organiser, Tony McMahon, on twitter for updates (@tony_mcmahon2) and check out more of Nathan Seppelt's, (@darwinfinite) amazing OzWallace 2017 promotional pics/postcards on the Facebook page.

(Merch at DFW16...)


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