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W/R/T David Foster Wallace - Found Poetry

The Found Poetry Review remembers David Foster Wallace's life and contributions with this special online edition of their journal with contributions of found poems generated from Wallace’s writings.

W/R/T David Foster Wallace (Poem and poets list here).

Matt Bucher's contribution:

David Foster Wallace Titles Roughly Translated Into Other Languages (and Roughly Translated Back Into English)

The Young Woman with Weird Hairstyles
It Was Fun and Yet I Will Not Repeat It
John McCain Riding the Political Bus
The Broom of Ludwig Wittgenstein
Every Single Thing and Still More
Tennis as a God-Fearing Incident
Short Examinations of Assholes
Rap Explained to Whites
The Colorless Monarch
Do Not Eat Lobster
This is The Liquid
Never-ending Fun
Skin and Not Skin
Endless laughing
The Lion King
A Coma

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