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Winter Cleaning Part I

I'm moving The Howling Fantods to a new host in the near future (hopefully nothing will change at your end apart from possibly a few days downtime) so I thought I make sure things were in good shape before the move.
Part I has been to look at the dedicated pages for David Foster Wallace's oldest book publications:
I think I've caught all the broken links, and added a few more reviews or resources (so you might find something new in the links above if you have not visited for a while), but they are still pretty light on content compared to the rest of the site. 
That's where you all come in! Have you got links to any reviews or resources for these texts? If so please let me know.
Over the next few weeks I'll be looking at other parts of the site but feel free to let me know about anything before I get to those sections.
This is also a good time to contact me if you've been having any difficulties logging in to leave comments. I've noticed a few users have had their accounts disabled as a result of a bug (I think I've resolved the issue), so I'm keen to know if you've had any issues recently.
Thanks, everyone.
Last Updated on Thursday, 29 July 2010 18:34