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Wallace Character in Eugenides' New Novel?

In June 2010 there was some discussion on the Wallace listserv about a Jeffrey Eugenides excerpt that appeared in the New Yorker because one of the characters appeared to be very similar to David Foster Wallace. You can read the excerpt, Extreme Solitude, online at The New Yorker.
Over the last few days there have been a few pieces have appeared about a 'Wallace-like character' in Eugenides' upcoming novel, The Marriage Plot: A Novel (due in October). Apparently galleys of the novel are starting to appear.
So is the character 'Wallace-like'?
Anyone read the galley? Thoughts?


#1 Nikki 2011-08-02 17:39
From what I could glean from the excerpt, he sounds pretty Wallace-esque (how's that for a portmanteau?) Probably more like the "Broom of The System," self-righteous, grad-school DFW.
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