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Updates 16-9

Sorry, forgot to add this to the front page this morn. Working on further round of updates right now.


- Harper's has made available everything they published of DFW in pdf format.
- Amherst has set up a notes and remembrances page which can be viewed in
full if one has an Amherst login.
From Jennifer:
There is starting next week a David Foster Wallace Memorial Book Club in
Denver, Colorado. The bookclub will be organized by Jennifer Bugg of Denver,
and she can be contacted at jenniferbuggpsyd [at] earthlink [dot] net.
Additionally, one can go to and use the search engine
to find meeting locations and times. The first year of the organization will
be devoted to reading DFW's own works.

Thank you,
New Links, also to be found over at DFW 1962 - 2008 :
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The Howling Fantods