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Update 20-9

A message from Jenny for NYC residents:
Infinite Jest Book Club (NYC)
Residents of New York City are welcome to join a book
club very narrow in scope. We will be reading Infinite Jest-
meeting perhaps monthly or bi-weekly to discuss the book.
First-time and recidivist readers alike are welcome. Please
email Jenny at militant.grammarians.of.buffalo [at]
for more information. Thank you.
Links for the past few days:
SF Gate - Jon Carroll
The Independent - Week in books
MVN -  Tennis Diary
LA Times - Blogs
Popwatch - Reflecting on the late author - Endpaper - Fiction
Wall Street Journal - Wallace's Too-Bright Fire
LA Times - Straight Talk Expressed
New York Observer - Leyner Remembers
New York Observer - Gerry Howard on DFW - Reprint
a la sophia - DFW's literary interpretation class syllabus - DFW on the meaning of life
Last Updated on Saturday, 20 September 2008 19:43  


#1 AndButSo 2008-09-21 02:04
Just wanted to say what a great service you've done collecting all these links in one place. I treasure the flood of new information that has, for me, become the one bright spot in the wake of last week's tragic events.
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#2 Space Ghost 2008-09-21 04:53
Yes, Nick, thanks for your work during this time of grief and reflection. I've been checking the site daily for new articles and rememberances. My best to you and my fellow "Wallace-heads." This is tough...
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