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Time to Get Posting...

I'll admit it.

Things have been pretty quiet around here.

Part of it is a little bit of a slowdown of Wallace related news. But not really - if you follow me on Twitter @nick_maniatis (you can click the twitter link and check out my stuff even if you're not on twitter) you'll notice it's pretty exclusively devoted to retweeting Wallace related stuff and it never slows down. Probably the biggest fault with my twitter updates is that I try to only retweet new things so as not to alienate old followers, forgetting that there are plenty of new followers too... I'll see if I can balance things a bit. Twitter is easy, I can just retweet from my phone.

The other part of the quietness is to do with an upcoming family event that involves delivering my mum's ashes to the place on the other side of the country she requested they be spread before she died, almost a year ago now. It's actually not been too stressful to organise. Many, many things got much easier since mum died - that's not a story for here - but the associated guilt and grief that accompany those feelings are sometimes crippling (e.g. I'm more at ease among big groups - and really quite nervous about meeting anyone - even close friends - one on one. That's quite unusual for me). I've only just started to admit this to close friends and family (with some significant prompting... sincerest thanks, M______) and it's helped me to address day to day stuff with increasing ease. I'm mentioning all this here in the hope that it will help me jump back into work here at The Howling Fantods too.


I've received plenty of emails in recent months about all kinds of neat Wallace related things. Few have made it to the front page, some to twitter and the rest... are sitting embarrassingly in my email.

Thus, I'm setting myself a goal of news item at least every two days (including multiple updates today) to get the ball rolling.

Here we go.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 October 2013 11:24  

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