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Summer of Jest - Articles and Conversations

Update: It was great fun, and nerve-wracking, and you can listen to it all here.


Join us this Thursday (or Friday in Aus)!

I'm super excited to be part of a conversation with none other than Greg Carlisle (author of Elegant Complexity, and the soon to be released, Nature's Nightmare: Analyzing David Foster Wallace's Oblivion - get an advance copy via the Oblivion Movie Kick Starter) this coming Thursday / Friday.

An Infinite Conversation, with Greg Carlisle & Nick Maniatis. [Thursday, July 11 (July 12 in Australia) 7 pm PDT / 10 pm EDT / 12 noon AEST]

Please join us for the Q&A after, I hope it will be great fun!



I've been following along with the Summer of Jest read of Infinite Jest and heartily enjoying the conversations online. Particularly new readers posting on Facebook and Twitter (#summerofjest) this time around.

In the past week a wonderful article was written in response by Brett Bennett and I encourage all of you to read of, An Infinitely Personal Jest, Or Why I Love Kate Gompert:

It was 4am when I first heard about Infinite Jest. I (a history major), an English major, a philosophy major and an undecided were on our second (or maybe third) cup of coffee and after deconstructing the universe, offering tips for world domination and debating labor strikes, someone happened to ask about our favourite books.

The undecided quit itching for a cigarette long enough to extoll the beauty of a book he was only halfway through but completely smitten. The English major jumped into proclaim it the “Greatest Book Ever Written” and the two of them attempted to explain it, a back and forth comedy routine that stumbled between topics and seemingly unrelated plots and made it sound like both an undesirable mess, yet something incredibly intoxicating.

“I stopped smoking because of it” The English major added...

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