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Possible Downtime

My webhost has some planned downtime scheduled in the next 24/48hrs so the site may be up and down over the next few days.
Keep an eye on my twitter feed for updates.
The update WILL break the site. Unfortunately, I will not be able to apply the fix until the site breaks...
To ease the downtime I'm performing some updates and database migrations. If you can read this things are going well so far! I've disabled registration for commenting (and thus logins) for the time being. I'll re-enable them once we're up and running again. Later in the week things will look a little different/worse while I update/tinker/change the template.
I've also moved to a newer, nicer and more efficient comments system which will has some neat features once I enable it after testing. (There should be a comment appended to this post as a test shortly)
The RSS feed will also deliver more than just a 1 line summary next week if all goes well, but you'll probably need to subscribe to a new feed.
And yes, I have backups. :)
UPDATE 3: Nearly there...
UPDATE 4: Things are slower, but it's all working for the time being. The migrated site is performing very well - just got to configure the SEF urls... and clean it up a bit and we'll go live. But that's a job for the weekend.
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#1 The Howling Fantods 2012-01-25 10:49
Testing JComments. All old comments have been migrated successfully.
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