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Playback :Stl Reviews Conversations with DFW

Playback:stl's Laura Hamlett has reviewed Stephen J. Burn's soon to be released, Conversations with David Foster Wallace:
Prior to opening this book, you first have to acknowledge two irrefutable facts: (1) David Foster Wallace was one of our generation’s greatest literary talents, and (2) His untimely death by suicide in 2008 was one of our generation’s greatest literary tragedies.
Conversations with David Foster Wallace is further proof of the writer’s genius and serves to keep the legendary author alive. For any fan of the written word, DFW devotees and casual readers alike, this is a welcome addition to a lifetime library, one you’ll return to time and again.
Conversations is a collection of 22 interviews given by Wallace throughout the course of his career, from the publication of The Girl with Curious Hair (written while he was an undergraduate in college) to the much-lauded release of Infinite Jest. Whereas Wallace’s books highlight his brilliant mind and flair of the written word, these interviews show him to be just as thoughtful—and every bit as genius—in a straightforward and unedited form.

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