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Links - The Rumpus and Writer's Thesaurus

I've been collecting a few misc links and as it would happen a new article at The Rumpus has driven me to post the older one.
Two from The Rumpus:
The Rumpus 1 - A Baker’s Dozen of My Feelings about David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.
The Rumpus 2 - THE EDITOR’S DESK: Unfinished Notes On David Foster Wallace.
Two more about the Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus. DFW is a contributor, and it is worth owning for his great usage suggestions, see below:
Maud Newton - It is not a boner to use effete this way — DFW.
OUP Blog - David Foster Wallace’s Contribution to the Writer’s Thesaurus
and new today:
Ars Psychiatrica - DFW revisted.

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The Howling Fantods