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Girl With Curious Hair Group Read

David Foster Wallace mailing list members over at wallace-l (myself included) are about to embark on a group read of DFW's 1989 short story collection, Girl With Curious Hair. Kindly coordinated by George Carr (Hi, George!), the stories are being tackled in reverse order because we all want to start with the novella that concludes the collection, Westward The Course Of The Empire Takes Its Way.
Discussion about Westward begins on March 29 - so if you're interested I encourage you to grab a copy of the book if you don't already have one, then sign up to wallace-l and participate.

Here's the schedule (pagination from the original Norton Hardback):
Mar 29 - Westward The Course Of The Empire Takes Its Way, part 1 (pp. 230-257)
Apr 5 - Westward, part 2 (pp. 257-287)
Apr 12 - Westward, part 3 (pp. 288-319)
Apr 19 - Westward, part 4 (pp. 288-319)
Apr 26 - Westward, part 5 (pp. 319-346)
May 3 - Westward, part 6 (pp. 346-373)
May 10 - Everything Is Green (orig. appeared in Puerto de Sol and Harper's)
May 17 - Say Never (orig. appeared in the Florida Review)
May 24 - My Appearance (orig. appeared in Playboy under the title "Late Night")
May 31 - Here And There (orig. appeared in Fiction)
Jun 7 - John Billy (orig. appeared in Conjunctions)
Jun 14 - Lyndon (orig. appeared in Arrival), part 1 (pp. 76-97)
Jun 21 - Lyndon, part 2 (pp. 97-118)
Jun 28 - Girl With Curious Hair
Jul 5 - Luckily The Account Representative Knew CPR
Jul 12 - Little Expressionless Animals (orig. appeared in the Paris
Review), part 1 (pp. 1-26)
Jul 19 - Little Expressionless Animals, part 2 (pp. 26-52)
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