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Entropy - Letter to DFW

Dennis James Sweeney's, Letter to David Foster Wallace: Love Letter Series 4, for Entropy:

Dear David Foster Wallace,

Hi. Sorry to bother you. I know you probably get a lot of these.

But listen. This is not just your typical I-read-Consider-the-Lobster-and-thought-it-was-really-funny letter. This is not your standard my-friend-reposted-your-Kenyon-commencement-speech-and-it-changed-my-life letter.

No: this is an I-read-everything-David-Foster-Wallace-ever-wrote-and-that-changed-my-life letter. Yeah, one of those.

I remember reclining on my extra-long twin bed in college holding Brief Interviews with Hideous Men over my head, reading “Octet” and flipping out at the sheer meta-ness of it. I read “Forever Overhead” and couldn’t believe you knew.

And OK. I’ll admit it: I wrote my undergraduate thesis about you. It was called “Post-postmodernism and Fiction’s Front-end: Reader-orientation and -reformulation in the work of David Foster Wallace.”

It was 110 pages. There were 224 footnotes.

Good God.

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