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DFW and BEE Continued

Bret Easton Ellis was interviewed by Vice back in Feb (Bret Easton Ellis says we're all a bunch of cry-babies) and had a little bit more to say about his opinion of DFW:

Is this one of the problems you had with David Foster Wallace—that he played up to the almighty author thing?

I think David Foster Wallace is a complete fraud. I’m really shocked that people take him seriously. People say the same thing about me, of course, and I’ve been criticized for saying these things about Wallace due to the very sentimental narrative attached to him since he killed himself.

But it all ties into Generation Wuss and its wussy influence on social media to a degree; if you have a snarky opinion about anything, you’re a douche. To me, that’s problematic. It limits discourse. If you just like everything, what are we going to talk about? How great everything is? How often I’ve pushed the Like button on my Facebook page?

A bit of history if you want to catch up:

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