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December 2013 Holiday Update

I'm on holidays and thus mostly away from a full sized computer. So here's another one of those this-time-of-year holiday updates because I have brief access to a pc.


Erasing Infinite’s erasure poems based on Infinite Jest.

New Orleans Review - Both Flesh and Not.

The Paris Review, Karen Green's Bough Down.

A Way With Words (Dec 14) contains a review of Quack This Way.

9 Most Dysfunctional Families In Literature, Huffington Post.

You Are Loved: Reflexivity, Recursion and Realism in the Work of David Foster Wallace.

Via The New Yorker’s Page-Turner blog and D. T. Max, David Foster Wallace and Rap, Circa 1989.

John McGowan over at Ethos Review asks, "What Am I Missing?: Infinite Jest and Its Cult Following." If you have time have your say in the comments.


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