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Consider the Year of David Foster Wallace

Fantastic guest post by Matt Bucher (@mattbucher, wallace-l administrator, Simple Ranger, Las obras de Roberto Bolaño to name just a few...) over at Fiction Advocate, Consider the Year of David Foster Wallace.

Packed with news about future Wallace related publications (including Burn and Boswell's, A Companion to David Foster Wallace Studies, and a new reader's guide by Greg Carlisle, this time for Oblivion - I'm so excited for this one!), personal insights, thoughtful comment, and reflections about the D.T. Max biography of David Foster Wallace:

As much as 2012 was the year of DFW, for me it was the year of D.T. Max. I had the privilege of working with Max on his Wallace biography Every Love Story is a Ghost Story. So, I actually first contacted him in 2009 and spent a good deal of 2010 and 2011 researching things for him, meeting up, talking on the phone, emailing, tracking down facts and tidbits, reading drafts, going to the Ransom Center reading room, and other things (I am particularly proud of the Arizona chapter). But in 2012, Max was everywhere. His biography of Wallace made the NY Times bestseller list and got a positive review from Michiko Kakutani, and she eventually named it one her ten favorites of the year. To see a book go from an idea, to a manuscript, to that is, well, interesting to say the least.

Click here to read Consider the Year of David Foster Wallace.

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