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Broadcastr DFW Appreciation Project

Chris from Broadcastr got in touch last week to let me know about the Broadcastr David Foster Wallace Appreciation Project. I'm working on mine now, if you're keen you might want to add one too. Ryan Blanck from the Letters to DFW blog has already posted his.
Over to Chris:
I work at Broadcastr, a new social-media platform from Electric Literature.  To celebrate the release of David Foster Wallace's The Pale King, we're compiling a series of audio appreciations--short recordings (+/- 2 min) by writers, bloggers, journalists, and fans--that memorialize readers' most memorable experiences with DFW's work.
We want fans to consider their first (or most memorable) moment with a DFW piece.  Reactions, thoughts--any memorable experience you may have had involving DFW.  

We're asking our contributors to have their recording posted by the end of the first week of April--we want to be sure to have as many posts as possible up and running before the book's release.

We're hoping this will spread to at least 1,000 fans, so if you have any friends who you think might like to contribute as well, feel free to pass along the instructions below.
Here are your instructions: 

Visit, or download the free app by searching "Broadcastr" in the iTunes store.

Hit the red "record" button in the top left-hand corner to add your message to the map. Your reaction or message can be up to three minutes long; if you don't like what you recorded, just hit "redo" and try again.  If you find yourself getting stuck on what to say, let me know and I can suggest some prompts.

When you like what you've got, add a title, tag, and category. (For category, we suggest "Arts & Culture"). 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to add the tag "PaleKing", so that your message will be displayed to other Wallace fans.

Finally, pin your recording to the map. Hit the "Pin it to the Map" button, then move the pin to wherever is most appropriate for your story, and click. 

Share your story on Twitter, Facebook, and email your friends to encourage them to join our appreciation. 

Happy recording!
Last Updated on Monday, 04 April 2011 21:39  

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