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US Release Day - The David Foster Wallace Reader

Well it's (almost depends where you are!) release day in the US for The David Foster Wallace Reader.

As I've mentioned previously, you can read the intro and the first few pieces in the online preview, and check out the table of contents from the sampler.

It's already available in the UK, and soon to be released in Australia on the 8th of December.

Honestly, I love it. Not so much the excerpts from the novels (though they would be great if this was a required text for a DFW overview study course), but the collection of fiction and non-fiction is just the best of the best. Sure, there's probably some loss, particularly with respect to the fiction, not being read in context of the individual collections (they are great collections, particularly the structure and flow of Oblivion: Stories), but to have many of Wallace's finest fiction and non-fiction in the same place is wonderful.

In my afterword I write about Incarnations of Burned Children being the story I use to introduce new readers to Wallace. This collection may well function as the next step in that process for me.




Okay now the thing I've been avoiding writing about...

So all my links are Amazon affiliate links and I'm kind of uncomfortable with it being the only option on my site right now. Based on traffic I know many of you have been redirecting your purchases elsewhere in response to the Amazon vs Hachette thing (many articles to read about this... here's just one) and I'm fine with that. I'm trying to set up B&N affiliate stuff, but I'm running into difficulties with signing up internationally (I'm not sure why, any advice hit me up in the comments below). I'm thinking of setting up the ability to donate (Paypal? Bitcoin?) or be a site patron, but these things always make me uncomfortable because I hate feeling I have to update because readers have paid me to do so. It also makes it much more difficult to walk away from updates for a few weeks when things get tricky in real life. i.e. the last month or so. Any thoughts or ideas? Let me know in the comments. Nick

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#1 Dan 2014-11-12 13:18
powells has an affiliate program as well. You might have better luck with them.
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