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Irish Times and The Millions Review the Reader

It's great to see more reviews of The David Foster Wallace Reader appearing.

Tim Groenland has one over at The Irish Times, Review: The David Foster Wallace Reader:

The writing is easily good enough to deserve the Greatest Hits treatment and if the Reader encourages students to continue the conversation with Wallace’s work, then it will have done its job.

And don't miss Jonathan Russell Clark's review for The Millions, To Make Us Feel Less Alone: On ‘The David Foster Wallace Reader’:

...if this Reader accomplishes anything, it would be wonderful if some new Wallace fans emerged from its publication. For Wallace fans, however, TDFWR is a chance to go back and read some of his most inventive and brilliant pieces, but more than that it’s an opportunity to reassess Wallace’s work, to judge it chronologically and thus progressively, and by doing so reacquaint one’s self to this incredible writer and thinker and person. And this is what I’d like to do now: use this beautiful new volume as a means of dissecting DFW’s entire oeuvre and trying to make some claims about his work as a whole.

More reviews of The David Foster Wallace Reader here.

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