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DFW Newsweek Cover

Alexandere Nazaryan's, The Turbulent Genius of David Foster Wallace, is the cover story for Newsweek issue 01.16.2015 - an overview piece that leads into a review of The David Foster Wallace Reader.

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#1 roscoe maddalon 2015-01-09 06:23
hi Nick.
you've made my day. thank you for this fantastic link i'd be otherwise unware of. at first glance it looks like a solid, engaging piece, and most welcome in keeping DFW at the forefront of modern writing where he belongs. no other death has hit me as hard in recent years. his readership continue to feel like we knew him some, and i'm often saying to people he was the best friend i never met. picking up IJ in a traditional bookshop window in Perth early 1996 changed my life. and in the nearly 20 years since, have ploughed my way through his canon. it's always head-shaking in disbelief. the word genius gets thrown around far too abandonly nowadays, and yet Dave set a high water mark that seems unattainable. how writers in his wake are to develop their own voice remains; frustratingly in my own case, beyond me. for now, i'm devouring the new Reader, and blown away with the opening essay '... the planet Trillaphon.' Nick thank you so much for your tireless work here at HF.
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