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Tim Jacobs Reviews Every Love Story

There is a review of Every Love Story is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace by Tim Jacobs in The Toronto Review of Books, Suicide as a Sort of Present: The Cult of DFW. At times highly critical (and carefully argued), but also - largely (Ha! - ed.) - positive too:

[...] But the book is entirely irresistible, and will be received that way for the DFW aficionado and novice alike.


Ultimately, however, Daniel T. Max has changed the way you think about David Foster Wallace. The book is a revelation: you discover more than you ever wanted to know. And much of what you thought you knew about him through his sculpted public persona—“both affected and genuine in some way,” for the novelist Robert Boswell (57)—was a bit wrong. DFW was a sick man. And he did what all writers do: he wrote what he knew: his sick self. [...]

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