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Competition - Reading David Foster Wallace on the Move

UPDATE: Competition now closed.
Competition - Reading David Foster Wallace on the Move.

To commemorate the upcoming release of David Lipsky's amazing book, Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself : A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace, The Howling Fantods has teamed up with Broadway Books to run a little competition.
We'll be giving away five copies of the book to the best entries, and the overall winner will receive a signed copy of David Lipsky's book. Six prizes in total for six great entries.
We're trying to stick loosely to a theme that relates to Lipsky's book documenting a road trip with DFW. So...

What is your most memorable moment while reading DFW on the move? We'd like you to share, any weird, touching, funny, even tragic, things that you've experienced while actively reading anything by DFW while on the move. Plane, bus, train, taxi, foot, bicycle (skydiving?) etc.
[Details and rules continue after the jump]
This isn't a parody comp like we've run in the past, we're after a range of personal vignettes that will inspire other readers to share their stories about the experience of reading David Foster Wallace.
Competition Rules: (We reserve the right to slightly tweak these rules to patch any loopholes that fly in the face of the spirit of the comp.)

-One entry per person.

-Write 200 - 400 words about reading DFW while on the move (we're pretty flexible with this - we just don't want 40 entries about people reading on the couch at home).

-We're not flexible about the truth. Don't make your story up. Think first: WWDFWD? (What Would David Foster Wallace Do?) I get the feeling he would not cheat at something like this... and although we do know he 'embellished' in his journalism, that's not the point of this comp.

-You give us permission to reproduce your entry (fully credited to you) here on The Howling Fantods (so don't write about anything you'd prefer the world not to know about! Probably best to change names if real names might cause trouble, but make sure you let us know). We'll likely reproduce more than just the winners if we get heaps of good entries.
-Most importantly - enter! No matter how unimportant your experience may seem to you, I can assure you it will be interesting to other readers of DFW.

-Entries due by April 7th 2010 that means you have two whole weeks Monday April 19th 2010. Comp Closed

-The winners will be selected by Nick Maniatis and David Lipsky.
Post any questions in the comments below, and email your text only entry in the body of your email (it will be stripped of major formatting and attachments by the spam block email address) to:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Good Luck!
(Also, we're not going to do anything with your email address except use it to contact you if you win.)
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