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BIWHM Movie + Death Cab for Cutie + #2 + #15 + #19 + #51= ?

Bits and pieces about the adaptation of Brief Interviews with Hideous Men by John Krasinski continue to pop up. I'll recap for those of you who are not up to speed and then cover the latest.

Recap via this post from July 23, 2006:

 Based on reports it would appear that John Krasinski (Jim in the US version of The Office) is making a movie based on the short stories (I guess we assume short stories rather than just one of them).

Further info:

Where are we now? Pitchfork has reported that Death Cab for Cutie singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard has a part and is playing the role of "Harry". 
In fact, when we take a look at the newly updated BIWHM IMDB page it appears the movie is in post production and that it looks like at least interviews #2, #15, #19 and #51 are covered. There are also a couple of character names, including a female hitchhiker... Krasinki's adapting that one? Wow.
I'll get around to looking up those interviews in the next day or so. EDIT: #15 is the one where the subject gets his family to hog tie him when he begins to lose control.
Which makes me wonder... anyone out there have a list of all the interviews (from the collection and those published elsewhere)? If so email me at h6tomgj02[spaaamblock] or use the form in the contact section link at the top of the page.
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