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The Juggler
Friday, 30 March 2007
(April 2002)
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Production Notes
Inspiration for this one hit me the morning after I finished Doorway. I woke up with the structural support idea for the juggling and due to the availability of the little program BSOL (Blue Screen of Life) I was able to mask out all of the supports.

This short took a little over 4 and a 1/2 hours to film and edit. The longest part involving editing out all of the lego technic rods that held up the bricks being juggled.

I guess I put this one together to show what could be done with masking, but as the film also includes the uneditted footage, to show the brick film-making community how to do this type of thing as well.

Stop Motion Pro!

Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro's
functional interface
and excellent built-
in tools (particularly
onion skinning) have
greatly improved the
quality of my
animations. A
project such as
'Good Company: Redux'
would not have been
possible without it.

-Nick Maniatis