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Jedi Chronicles: The First Duel
Friday, 30 March 2007
(June 2002)
Production Notes:
This was my entry for the BrickFest 2002 Animation Competition. It won the conference organiser's award.
To be honest, at first I was really disappointed that the basis of this comp was to be StarWars lego, as there are SW lego films all over the place. I thought they had been done to death. Then Bluntman ( Bluntman's Bluntmations ) unleashed his entry for the comp and I was blown away!

His film showed me that there was still life in Lego StarWars animations, and my competitve instinct kicked in. What was initially only an idea ("Hmmm... what about a trailer about when the lightsaber was invented?") turned into a full blown trailer when I found myself imagining a lightsaber battle on top of a landspeeder travelling at high speed...

After carefully storyboarding the film (storyboards to appear soon) I realised I needed a Tatooine backdrop. I hit the web, found some tatooine/tunisia websites, grabbed some images, blurred them a bit and printed them out on my bubblejet printer... I think they turned out quite well!

Filming was great fun, especially the moving landspeeder sequence, and I'm quite proud of the little Sith Speeder I came up with as well.

The longest part of the process was the rotoscoping, as I was extremely picky about this. I knew the crux of the film would be the duel, because to me, light sabers ARE the defining element of StarWars.

Near the end of editing I discovered the final sequence happened a bit quickly, so I used videomach to adjust the frame rate very slighty so as to keep the impression of speed and smoothness of animation as good as I could, but to slow it down ever so slightly. I think it worked.


Stop Motion Pro!

Stop Motion Pro

Stop Motion Pro's
functional interface
and excellent built-
in tools (particularly
onion skinning) have
greatly improved the
quality of my
animations. A
project such as
'Good Company: Redux'
would not have been
possible without it.

-Nick Maniatis